Trainings at Fraglia Vela Malcesine

Winds conditions are excellent and challenging: North winds, called Peler, blows every morning from 6.30 till 11.00 with an average intensity between 15 and 30 knots. During the afternoon the famous wind Ora blows from south with 10-18 knots. This guarantees 10 hours of wind every day, allowing you to decide when to train during the day, having also 2 different training sessions.

Here is our facilities:

  • two big ramps
  • two crane for launching and hauling
  • parking area for cars and trailers
  • rooms for briefing
  • gym (special prizes for our guest!!)
  • bar and restaurant

Special prizes for laser sailors:

  • one week of training: 60€ per boat
  • one day of training: 10€ per boat

Please write us an email to to ask for more info and availability of the Club.
We can create special packages for you and your team and help you to find the best accomodation for your needs!