Garda Lake: The Wind Factory

Between sailors, windsurfers and kitesurfers, Garda’s fame is mainly due to the wind that blows most of the day, all year round. And it is for this reason that thousands of people come to Lake Garda each year to train and have fun in the varied conditions that we have on the Lake.
Thanks to the characteristics of the the two main winds, Malcesine is a great place to race.

Wind Conditions
The Pelèr (wind or north wind)
The Pelèr is the good weather wind which blows regularly during the summer months from north to south. It starts to blow at night and carries on as the sun rises. The strongest Pelèr blows when the sun’s rays hit the west coast of the Lake. It is usually 20 knots. In the late morning, the Pelèr starts to drop and the Ora, the afternoon wind, takes over.
Ora (south wind)
The Ora is the most well known wind on Garda. It starts when the Pelèr has finished, between 12 noon and 1pm (approx.) on normal days and dies away with the sunset. It is created by many small winds that join together. The Ora is a very regular wind, strong in the spring and the summer. Its strength varies greatly depending upon where you are on the Lake and it gets stronger as it heads north. At Malcesine, the Ora is normally 15 knots

Local weather forecast